Alessandra Campana

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I was born and raised in Italy with the privilege of developing strong ties with the local American community linked to the U.S. Navy base. I was able to keep both languages simultaneously alive and current starting at a very young age.

I received my degree as an Interpreter and Translator (Italian<>English – Italian<>French) after 5 years of courses in technical and literary translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation at the Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori of Rome, Italy.

My love for knowledge and my innate curiosity in all types of subjects, from literature to technology, from philosophy to science, lead me to accumulate years of experience in multiple fields.

2019 is the third year that finds me in charge of the AAIT website, which I designed as webmaster of the AAIT Board of Directors.

As a translator, I currently help Microsoft and Amazon with their website Localization and I proudly volunteer for the ongoing translation of the application ShareTheMeal, an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme.

As an Interpreter I have years of experience in over the phone and video interpretation as well as on site consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. I consider the peak of my career the two occasions I had the honor to interpret a speech of Pope Francis (CNN).

In 2017, I founded inLingo, a revolutionary remote interpretation company, owned and managed by interpreters.

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Proudly volunteering for the Italian translation of the app ShareTheMeal, an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme. Watch the video below and download the app now!

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